Jing,剛剛在 ICRT上聽到的一首相當動聽的歌曲,"The Rose",特地找來了西城男孩-Westlife,附帶歌詞的版本,自己想學,也希望和同學們分享!


用唱歌,學英文,so relaxing and pleasant! ^^

Some say love it is a river 他說 愛 就像河流
that drowns the tender reed 淹沒了柔弱的蘆葦

Some say love it is a razer 她說 愛 若銳利的刀鋒

that leaves your soul to bleed 傷了心 劃破了我們的靈魂

Some say love it is a hunger 你說 愛 是永無止盡的渴望

an endless aching need 一種深不見谷,切心的需要

I say love it is a flower 我說 愛 是 花兒

and you it's only seed 而妳 就是這花兒的種籽

It's the heart afraid of breaking 那些怕跌倒受傷的心靈

that never learns to dance 總永遠學不會如何跳舞

It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance

It's the one who won't be taken 那些害怕失去擁有

who cannot seem to give 懼於付出承諾

and the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
夜深人靜時 當莫名的孤寂侵襲

and the road has been too long
而人生漫漫的道路 卻又顯得如此長遠 看不到盡頭

and you think that love is only 若你仍固執地認定 愛

for the lucky and the strong 只屬於那些幸運及勇敢的人

Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows

lies the seed 存在著那小小的生命種籽

that with the sun's love 在陽光

in the spring 隨著冬天過後,春天的腳步近了

becomes the rose 種籽,終將在東風的吹佛下,化成愛的玫塊

----Translated by Jing Huang-Porterfield


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